I would like to desactivate/activate the touchpad of my Dell Lattitue 6430u with Fn+F5. This keystroke doesn't work by default on debian unstable.

I know how to do this but it requires two different keystrokes.

$ synclient TouchpadOff=1 
$ synclient TouchpadOff=0 

Do you know a "toggle" command ?


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Here's what you should do:

synclient TouchpadOff=$(synclient -l | grep -c 'TouchpadOff.*=.*0')

Save that as /usr/local/bin/touchpad.sh, chmod it to be executable (chmod 770 /usr/local/bin/touchpad.sh should be enough? too much?). Since we placed it in a bin it should be part of your PATH, if it isn't you need to add it. Then we just make a keyboard-shortcut as Fn+F5 and make it call that script.

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