I need to convert a very large number of images JPEGs. those images some are 720px × 480px, and some 300x400 and some 2000x1400 and some are 1000x1000 etc.. I only need to resize those images to 1000x1000 without touch the images that have 1000x1000

here i try to make small script which is calculate the total size of each image w x h but i need to add if statement on it which is convert all images to 1000x1000 and exclude images that have 1000x1000 size

for image in *.jpg; do
read w h < <(identify "$image" | grep -oP '\d+x\d+(?=\+)')  
echo $((w*h)) "$image"

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You could use the fx operator to filter images based on height & width e.g.

identify -format '%[fx:(h=1000 && w=1000)]\n' image.jpg

will output 1 if the image is exactly 1000x1000 and 0 otherwise.
So you could run something like this (adjust the convert command as per your needs):

for image in ./*.jpg; do
identify -format '%[fx:(h=1000 && w=1000)]\n' "$image" | grep -q 0 \
&& convert -resize 1000x1000 "$image" "${image%.*}"-converted.jpg

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