Why do i need that?

I've set up my dotfiles to include my whole email configuration, but i don't want to share my my private email account settings, so i excluded them. => For my mutt/offlineimap i have a "dev account", which settings are fully included in the dotfiles. But i don't want to share at least the rest of my private email addresses publicly.

possible Solutions

  1. just throw all settings in one file (like everybody does) but do git assume-unchanged, so that the the settings of the private email address remains private. (just one offlineimap instance) Problem: it's just very clumsy to work this way with git and to pay attention every time to make no mistake. => i don't want this.
  2. like 1. but move the private email adresses to an separate file and ignore them with git. (just one offlineimap instance) Problem: I don't know how i can set this up, because the only accepted files by offlineimap are pythonfile and [DEFAULT] postsynchook. Can i somehow abuse them for my needs?
  3. parallel execution of offlineimap. Problem: When i do it, offlineimap says "Another OfflineIMAP is running with the same metadatadir; exiting." => how can i give the second instance of offlineimap another metadatadir?

working Solution

Offlineimap provides an option which lets the user specify which metadatadir the instance should use.

metadata = ~/.dev_offimap

With this setting, we can easily manage the simultaneously execution of offlineimap. I just haven't found that in the docs (it's also a bit hidden)

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