Is it possible to have the colors for symlinks-to-directories be colored differently than other symlinks?

I know I can do:

Link target

to get the symlinks to take the color settings of their target, but that hides the fact that they're symlinks (unless you ls -la) and I like seeing that information.

So I'd like to make symlinks to directories bold, and symlinks to non-directories not bold, both the same color.

Is this possible?


Unfortunately it is not possible:

This is mine color setup(distribution default):

host:~# env| grep LS_COLORS

These are the options of filetype:

di = directory
fi = file
ln = symbolic link
pi = fifo file
so = socket file
bd = block (buffered) special file
cd = character (unbuffered) special file
or = symbolic link pointing to a non-existent file (orphan)
mi = non-existent file pointed to by a symbolic link (visible when you type ls -l)
ex = file which is executable (ie. has 'x' set in permissions).

And, you can use filename regex to create different colors like *.rpm to rpm files.

However, there is no specific "dir symlink" to be used with ls color. Sorry.

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