I'm trying to assign IPv6 addresses to my LAN clients with dnsmasq 2.62 on Debian Wheezy:


The clients are working fine with another IPv6 server, so I guess it's a dnsmasq-issue. The clients get their IPv4 address, but no 6 (only link-local fe80 is shown):


The dnsmasq logfiles says:

Dec 24 00:57:45 strohhalm dnsmasq-dhcp[5561]: stateless DHCPv6 on fde4:709f:bee2:a87b::
Dec 24 00:57:45 strohhalm dnsmasq-dhcp[5561]: SLAAC on fde4:709f:bee2:a87b:: prefix valid 2h
  • Do you see any router advertisements and router solicitations if you inspect the network traffic? – kasperd Dec 25 '15 at 10:17

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