My application is to do a secure erase on my system disk (an SSD) using hdparm from a shell script. So my thoughts were:

  1. create a ramdisk
  2. copy the linux OS to the ramdisk
  3. unmount the original system drive
  4. do a secure erase

I created the ramdisk and mounted it, but when I do a pivot_root, it can't find any of the applications. I copied all of /bin and /sbin to the ramdisk.

  • Any reason why you don't just use DBAN? Any time you're trying to do something that involves security rolling your own can be dangerous. – David King Dec 23 '15 at 16:06
  • Aren't the applications in /usr? – pjc50 Dec 23 '15 at 17:04
  • I am not sure DBAN would work. This application is on an autonomous vehicle that decides it needs to self destruct. No Human control Also DBAN does NOT do a secure erase. – Dave K Jan 5 '16 at 13:42

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