I see that recently a lot of Linux vendors are introducing JeOS version of their Operating System which by its definition and features looks to me like a minimal OS that has already been around for a lot of years. Is there any any difference between a minimal OS and JeOS ?

Example is Ubuntu which already had its minimal OS ISO's available from a long time has recently introduced Ubuntu JeOS. Also SUSE has it minimal OS version as well as JeOS


Is there any any difference between a minimal OS and JeOS?

Is there any difference between Ubuntu, SUSE, RedHat, Gentoo and ArchLinux?

Although they serve the same purpose they are different. While they may be almost identical feature-wise - and they will be rather similar in this aspect, because they are minimal, and the functionality overlap will grow as size decreases. Yet for users it matters, because they are used to something (e.g. RPM vs. deb packages) or the infrastructure offers some advantages - for example SUSE Studio might be an almost indispensable feature for some (I'm not aware of similar services for other distributions).

By the way, for example Slax was providing its modules way before SUSE Studio ever existed.

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