Is there some form of automated NetBSD installation?

I would like to automate this manual process: https://www.netbsd.org/docs/guide/en/chap-exinst.html

But I found no examples.

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If your target is a i386 or amd64 Qemu or Xen VM, then yes -- Anita tool exists for this purpose.


Sure, compiling you can do it.

You can make one script to put all directories and all stuff and prepare the installation, more interesting, NetBSD comes with build.sh

build.sh is one script to help you at compiling or cross-compiling NetBSD

You can do a live iso just typing something like build.sh make live iso

I don't remember the exact option, but you can see it here:

iso-image Create a NetBSD installation CD-ROM image in the RELEASEDIR/images directory. The CD-ROM file system will have a layout as described in release(7).



The other option is just copy a NetBSD installation to other disk, but this may fail if hardware is different and not's a good choice, anyway dd can do this

PD: You should see the source code of sysinstall.

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