I have problem little problem with Linux Mint 17.3, I've install Nvidia 352.63 driver and everything works fine until I suspend. When I resume after suspend animations start lagging, while I'm scrolling screen is lagging too, I see fps drop too. After restart pc everything works fine to next suspend. I have geforce 860M on my laptop.


I've reinstall my system to Netrunner and I didn't see such lagging like was at Linux Mint, but when i go back to mint after hibernate I see big fps drop, smooth scrolling don't work properly, only lags all time. Why on Mint is huge fps drop but on Netrunner it isn't so much


Research the Geforce's Nvidia and Intel modes of operation if not already familiar. Ensure are not using Nouveau after the suspend-resume. Try blacklisting the Nouveau module. Links below are from a couple years ago but might be helpful: Switch to Nvidia from Nouveau, Rough notes from GeForce 675

Nouveau may be loaded by the kernel before the blacklist takes effect. There is a boot parameter to type into Grub, but Nouveau issue is just one possibility. The X11 log, /var/log/Xorg.0.log or similar is worth a look.

  • I blacklist Nouveau but it didnt help me, is there any other possibilities to repair that ? – Krzysieqq Dec 20 '15 at 10:44

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