I have a telephone system that is connected to my old Ubuntu machine and is receiving SMDR data from it. Connected to dev/lp0 is a dot matrix printer, phone system connected to /dev/ttyS0

Currently I am using the command cat /dev/ttyS0 > /dev/lp0. This works somewhat but the smdr print has a cr and lf commands for the printer already. Cat send to make the printer feed an extra line. Is there a way to constantly echo ttyS0 to lp0 or something else I can do? Thanks


You need to remove postprocessing from /dev/lp0. Try the following:

stty -F /dev/lp0 -opost
cat /dev/ttyS0
) > /dev/lp0

Enclosing the two commands in a subshell and redirecting its output to /dev/lp0 prevents the stty settings being reset to default when no process has /dev/lp0 open anymore (inbetween the stty and the cat).

Perhaps you also need to change /dev/ttyS0 settings, e.g. remove any input processing: stty -F /dev/ttyS0 -icanon -echo min 8 time 1 (the min 8 time 1 means that reads will return as soon as at least one byte is read and no further input is available after 1/10th of a second, or if more input becomes available reads will return after at most 8 bytes read).

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