I have installed Cinnamon desktop, VLC and Deadbeef. When I play an audio file or a video with VLC, I can control it via the sound applet, but when I play music from Deadbeef, there is no signal from the sound applet.

I found that Deadbeef is supported with the sound applet, here is a quote from sound applet.js:

/* global values */

let players_without_seek_support = ['spotify', 'totem', 'gnome-mplayer', 'pithos'];

let players_with_seek_support = [ 'clementine', 'banshee', 'rhythmbox', 'rhythmbox3', 'pragha', 'quodlibet', 'amarok', 'xnoise', 'gmusicbrowser', 'vlc', 'qmmp', 'deadbeef', 'audacious'];

So, how can I configure my system to make the sound applet controls deadbeef?

Please help me!


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I bet that sound applet is using MPRIS protocol to discover and communicate with players. Try to install mpris-plugin for Deadbeef: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/deadbeef-mpris2-plugin/


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