I am facing a strange (and rather annoying) problem with my laptop

set-up: dual boot "Windows 10" and "Linux Deepin 14.2 (based on ubuntu)"

problem: starting up with linux at the beginning everything is fine (cpu-load-wise):

enter image description here After a couple of minutes of light work or idling things start to become weird and soon after a strange pattern stabilizes

enter image description here

of course this problem is very annoying:

  1. Laptop is loud
  2. Battery life is reduced dramatically (when compared to windows)
  3. Laptop gets very hot

What I can exclude:

  1. physical damage/dirtyfans since under windows the cpus stay at ~0% load when idling
  2. Chrome is not the problem, the exact same thing happens even when I don't start any applications at all.

Any idea whats happening?

  • any process show up in ps -ef or top ? – Archemar Dec 17 '15 at 15:40
  • seems like the culprit process is initctl, what can I do about it? – D.F.F Dec 18 '15 at 11:36

Have you looked at what is running? Most desktops ship a process monitor but failing that, htop even top in the command line will show you what is currently using CPU.

If you have a case where it stops using CPU every time you look at it, you can log output over time with pidstat. Run pidstat -u 600 and leave your laptop to idle for 10 minutes . When you come back you should have output of everything that has run, including how much CPU it used in that time.

Then it's just a case of working out why that process is going mental.

  • when I type top, the top line looks suspect: 1045 root 20 0 133920 119692 876 R 99.7 1.5 67:21.56 initctl – D.F.F Dec 18 '15 at 0:18

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