I would like to expend some disk space recording all input and output to my terminal sessions; /usr/bin/script appears to be fairly good at that. I would like to make it so all new shell sessions (Currently I use/bin/bash) could start inside a script session that logged to a file by the name of say ~/.log/$(date --iso-8601=second).log

I've tried calling script at the end of my .bashrc file but recall it basically crashing and making opening a new shell impossible.

Any ideas on a possible way to keep this kind of record? I already have an "Eternal bash history" but just knowing the inputs is not always enough for me.


I don't think putting it at the bottom of your rcfile would do much good - all of the state you declared beforehand would get wiped out when script loaded a new shell until it tried to load the rcfile and etc and etc forever. I just made it work on my terminal like:

$ x=;bash --rcfile /dev/fd/3 3<<\$x
    export S_LOG=~/".log/$(date --iso-8601=second).log"
    exec   script -aeqfc "bash   --rcfile /dev/fd/3 -i" "$S_LOG" \
    alias success='echo it worked'
    PS1='script $ '
    exec 3<&-

script $ success
it worked
script $ cat "$S_LOG"
Script started on Mon Dec 14 15:43:28 2015
script $ success
it worked
script $ cat "$S_LOG"
script $

And so I think you'd do better to locate it at the head of your rc-file, and then exec a new shell to read the rest of it after the point you call the new shell.

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