NOTE: This question is the complement of this Q&A: How to "grep" for line length in a given range?

How can we grep for lines that have less than 8 or more than 63 characters, none that contain more than eight and less than 63 characters?

So, some acceptable character counts could be...

7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0


64 65 66 67 ...
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    I know you ask for grep, but you may consider awk, especially if you need further processing, etc (very flexible, and readable): awk '( length($0)<8 ) || ( length($0)>63 )' #default action of a condition is to print the line(s) matching the condition . Or, with less processing on $0: awk '{ l=length($0) ; if (( l<8 ) || l>63 ) { print $0 ;} }' – Olivier Dulac Dec 14 '15 at 13:19
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grep -xv '.\{8,63\}' <input >output

grep's -x switch denotes a whole line match - which is to say that any pattern matched must define a line from head to tail. doing...

grep -x pattern

...is generally equivalent to...

grep ^pattern$

grep's -v switch negates a pattern's influence on line-selection. generally doing...

grep pattern

...will only select lines that match the pattern, but with a -v negated pattern only those lines that don't match are selected.

...and so...

grep -xv '.\{8,63\}'

...matches all lines which consist from head to tail of anywhere between 8 and 63 characters, and the -v negated selection causes grep only to print everything else.

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