I am passing date as variable in function. I want to convert that date in different format. Example


Want to convert DT to 08-dec-2015 in Unix.

  • Using what programming language? – Majenko Dec 13 '15 at 18:07

Assuming GNU date (i.e. non-embedded Linux):

$ LC_TIME=C date --date=2015-12-08 +%d-%b-%Y
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If you're on a non-embedded Linux, or more generally a system with GNU date, you can use it to typeset an arbitrary date.

LC_ALL=C date -d "$DT" +%d-%b-%Y | tr A-Z a-z

If you don't have GNU date (or even if you do), you can do this in pure shell.

case $DT in
  *-01-*|*-1-*) month=jan;;
  *-02-*|*-2-*) month=feb;;
  *-03-*|*-3-*) month=mar;;
  *-04-*|*-4-*) month=apr;;
  *-05-*|*-5-*) month=may;;
  *-06-*|*-6-*) month=jun;;
  *-07-*|*-7-*) month=jul;;
  *-08-*|*-8-*) month=aug;;
  *-09-*|*-9-*) month=sep;;
  *-10-*) month=oct;;
  *-11-*) month=nov;;
  *-12-*) month=dec;;
echo "${DT##*-}-$month-${DT%%-*}"
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