echo -n "##### STATIONS? #######"
read station
awk -v input="$station" '
        n = split(tolower(input), user)
        fmt = "%-4s\n"
    /stab_site clear/ {
        for (i=1; i<=n; i++)
            printf fmt, "stab_site" user[i]
' ./data > data_2

Let assume user's input: ankr ista for stations. After the execution of codes, in data file, after the "stab_site clear" line, user's input is written as follows;


I need to give one space between "stab_site" and "station_ids" in the codes. I also need to write the lines after one space from the beginning of the line as follow;

stab_site ankr
stab_site ista

let split

printf fmt, "stab_site" user[i]
  • "stab_site" user[i] will make stab_sitenakr as there is no space after site
  • printf fmt, "stab_site" user[i] is turn to
  • print "%-4s\n" , stab_sitenakr which print left aligned stab_sitenakr

maybe you are looking for

printf fmt, "stab_site " user[i]

or (as per OP's request)

printf " %s %s\n", "stab_site", user[i]

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