The Emacs lisp introduction was translated to Spanish by volunteers. I write a PKGBUILD to "compile" the texinfo file and had the results installed on my system.

I did some changes to the original translation:

diff -c a/elisp-es-1e8e9d693256/emacs-lisp-intro-es.texi b/elisp-es-1e8e9d693256/emacs-lisp-intro-es.texi
--- a/elisp-es-1e8e9d693256/emacs-lisp-intro-es.texi    2015-12-12 23:55:13.000000000 -0600
+++ b/elisp-es-1e8e9d693256/emacs-lisp-intro-es.texi    2015-12-12 23:56:28.000000000 -0600
@@ -229,9 +229,7 @@
 @c @end direntry
 @dircategory Emacs
-* Emacs Lisp Intro: (eintr).
-       Una Introducción sencilla a la programación en 
-Emacs Lisp.
+* Introducción a Emacs lisp: (eintr-es).  Una Introducción sencilla a la programación en Emacs Lisp.
 @end direntry

Diff finished.  Sat Dec 12 23:56:52 2015

Thing is, info don't lists the new installed info document, I just see the original Emacs lisp introduction listed but not the translated file. I can read the installed file with info eintr-es, but, again, nothing about getting the file listed by info anywhere.

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