I've bought msi gs40 that has intel i7 6700HQ which means integrated graphics hd 530. After a day of struggling I was able to start xorg with HD530. For this I addes i915 to initramfs and i915.preliminary_hw_support=1 to kernel params. But xorg hangs in the end of the day, sometime right after start, sometimes after a few hours of using. I tried archlinux with:

  • xorg 1.6, 1.7, 1.8
  • kernels 4.2.5-1, 4.3, 4.4-rc4, 4.4-rc5
  • cinnamon, plasma5
  • latest intel driver in archlinux repository and compiled intel driver from git.
  • Arch wiki suggestion: intel_idle.max_cstate=1 and Xorg Option "DRI" "False"
  • ubuntu and Linux Mint (both freeze right after start). OS Windows runs fine.

Everything just freezes after some time of using and I got glib stacktrace in journalctl(meanwhile xorg.log and dmesg are fine) Sometimes I get couldn't open dis display :0 in dmesg and applications refuse to start. journalctl kde's shows Bad windows, cinnamon's other errors. Here's the dmesg of system startup with 4.4-rc5 kernel without external displays.

  • There are no errors in dmesg and xorg when xorg hangs if I work only with laptop's display (just DE errors described above).
  • If I run HDMI/DP external display I would also get dmesg stacktrace like a bonus when Xorg hangs, looks like this bug issue.

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  • The guy from askubuntu was able run HD530 from the same cpu (6700hq) with LinuxMint. I tried the same, didn't work.

If you require additional information please tell me. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated!


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