I'm trying to install an NVIDIA Driver, but I must turn off the Xserver first. I've tried a lot of methods I found online, but none seem to work.

I'm using Antergos with GNOME.

  • Ctrl + Alt + Backspace kills the server, but then the graphical login screen starts again.
  • sudo service stop lightdm says there isn't a command service
  • Tried switching with Ctrl + Alt + f1 and then killing the server (with kill or pkill), but that had two outcomes: It did nothing or I got a blackscreen
  • systemd <\something> also says there's no such command (systemd)
  • Installing the drivers with pacman crashes my Antergos install and I must do a new install

EDIT: Turned out that my Graphics Card supports optimus and I managed to install the drivers following this wiki post: Bumblebee for NVIDIA

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From the commands you are using, I take it that you use Systemd and LightDM.

The correct command to stop the display server is

sudo systemctl stop lightdm

I think it's safe to run from a graphical terminal, not only from TTY. If you want to disable auto starting of LightDM altogether, replace stop with disable.

Note that stopping the X server, even from a TTY may switch back to the TTY the X server ran in, so if you get a blackscreen, switch to another TTY.

If you want to restart LightDM, use

sudo systemctl start lightdm

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