Installed zend-server CE.

I would like to use this port (10088). But anytime I enter localhost I should enter localhost:10088, because localhost doesn't work.

In the hosts file I tried to enter localhost. In this case localhost:10088 works, localhost - doesn't.

If I do localhost both ways don't work.


Web browsers connect to port 80 by default, because it's the default port for HTTP. To open a connection on a different port, you need to specify it after the address, as in http://localhost:10088.

From the Zend Server help:

Zend Server will be installed on the bundled Apache web server which listens on port 10088 by default. This can be set to another port by editing your Apache configuration file at /usr/local/zend/apache2/conf/httpd.conf and changing the value of the directive Listen.

So if you want Zend Server on port 80 just make change described above.

Changes in /etc/hosts that you described couldn't work - in hosts file you can just map IPs to hostnames.

Another solution will be creating some redirections on firewall using iptables, but for me it will be overkill...

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