When working with Vim I often work from multiple monitors and multiple split terminals so I have multiple instances of VIM running at all time. Is there a way to have a persistent shared register that allows me to share the copy paste buffer(Buffer maybe the wrong term here) Is there a setting in VIM or a plugin that would allow me to do this.
And example of the work flow I want is to open VIM and yank text close vim Go to another terminal open VIM and paste that yoinked text.

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The persistent shared register is the system clipboard. A similar question has been posted at SO. This is the answer I posted there:

Use the * (or + in X Windows) registers to reference the system clipboard. Anything yanked-to or pasted-from those registers can be used to cooperate with other applications:

Cut/Copy examples

"*yy : copy current line to the system clipbard

gg"*yG : copy current file to the system clipbard

"*dd : cut current line to the system clipbard

etc, etc

Paste examples

"*p : paste the system clipbard

Or in insert mode:

i Ctrl+r *


i Ctrl+r Ctrl+p *

(the last one pastes without formatting, useful to avoid those ugly pastes from the OS clipboard where each indented line appears more and more shifted)

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