I downloaded GhostBSD Live CD but it is asking for an input and a password on boot. Live CDs usually don't need those. I could not find an answer in the GhostBSD Handbook.


As of the most recent GhostBSD LiveCD (release 21.05.11), you are not asked for a password when booting into the live CD system (the default boot action), nor when booting into single user mode.

If you do want to log in on a console on the live CD, then the username for the live system is ghostbsd without any password. I found no good documentation reference for this other than the build.sh script in the ghostbsd-build Git repository, which is used to actually build the live CD system. In the script, a system user called ghostbsd is added with no password:

chroot ${release} pw useradd ${liveuser} \
-c "GhostBSD Live User" -d "/usr/home/${liveuser}"\
-g wheel -G operator -m -s /usr/local/bin/fish -k /usr/share/skel -w none

(The variable liveuser has the value ghostbsd here, and it's the -w none at the end of the useradd command's list of arguments that selects no password for the account.)

When installing GhostBSD from the live CD, you get to choose the password for the root user, as well as the login details for a non-root account.


user: ghostbsd

password: (nothing)


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