I'm trying to install portmaster on FreeBSD but I get an error about the port format:

root@freebsd:/usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster # make install clean
===>  portmaster-3.17.8_1 pkg(8) must be version 1.6.0 or greater, but you
have 1.4.12. You must upgrade the ports-mgmt/pkg port first.
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster

How can I upgrade the port file to the latest version?

  1. Update your ports tree

    portsnap fetch update
  2. Navigate to the pkg directory

    cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg


    cd /usr/ports/port-mgmt/pkg

    for older versions.

  3. Build and install the pkg package

    make config-recursive install distclean

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