Does syslog-ng 3.2.5 from EPEL 6 (for CentOS 6) support TLS? I cannot get it to work at all; here is what I'm using:

source s_network {
    tcp(ip( port(514)
        tls( key_file("/etc/ssl/server.key")

I do a syntax check and it fails at tls(:

# syslog-ng --syntax-only
Plugin module not found in 'module-path'; module-path='/lib64/syslog-ng', module='afsql'
Error parsing afsocket, syntax error, unexpected LL_IDENTIFIER, expecting ')' in /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf at line 24, column 9:

        tls( key_file("/etc/ssl/server.key")

syslog-ng documentation: http://www.balabit.com/support/documentation/?product=syslog-ng
mailing list: https://lists.balabit.hu/mailman/listinfo/syslog-ng

I can confirm it does not support tls:

# syslog-ng -V
Enable-SSL: off

there are newer packages available that have SSL enabled. See the syslog-ng download page


Robert Fekete

syslog-ng documentation maintainer

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