How can I track ssh sessions on my server including ssh connection time, disconnection time and idle time?

Here's what I have for connections:

cat /var/log/{auth.log,auth.log.1} | grep -i Accepted | sed "s/s*//g" | cut -d " " -f "1 3 4 5 12" | grep -v`

Currently I have to monitor tcptrack in order to track disconnections and idle time.


Have you checked the output of "last", maybe it would be sufficient?

server ~ $ last
root     pts/0      Fri Dec 11 10:35   still logged in
root     pts/0      Thu Dec 10 11:12 - 11:22  (00:09)
root     pts/0      Thu Dec 10 09:19 - 11:09  (01:50)

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