I have this script that will show the user the head or tail of the files that are inside a set directory (currently that is set as '~/bin/new/*'). This script works but i would like to allow the user to not only show the head or the tail, but so that they can select the directory.

The current script is written as:

while true;do
echo "Would you like to list the head or tail?"
    read headortail
if [[ $headortail = head ]]; then
    head -n 4 ~/bin/new/*
elif [[ $headortail = tail ]]; then
    tail -n 4 ~/bin/new/*
    echo "Invalid Input - Please Input head or tail"

If I add another line under the first echo such as:

echo "Please type the directory"
    read dirLocation

How could i implement this to the script, would I do:

head -n 4 $dirLocation

Would that work?

  • Almost; you probably would want to use if [[ -d "$dirLocation" ]]; then head -n4 ${dirLocation}/*; else echo "No such directory"; fi or the like. There are many other improvements that could be made, such as using select rather than read ... if. – DopeGhoti Dec 9 '15 at 18:07

After read dirLocation simply replace




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