I have text file with server URL lines like:

request get https://abc.net/search?q=hello/world/hello/word/search=5&size=10
request get https://abc.net/search?q=hello/world/hello/world/hello/word=5

In this text file, I want the text after the word "search?q=" string and store in another file output file:

  • cut -d= -f2- <in >out – mikeserv Dec 8 '15 at 23:53
sed -n '/search?q=/{s/.*search?q=//;p;}' infile > outfile


/search?q=/ makes the following command set (in curly braces) apply only to lines containing this regex.

s/.*search?q=// substitutes the second part (empty) for the first part.

Then p prints the line.

The -n flag suppresses the default printing of the line.

Actually, you can simplify this like so:

sed -n '/.*search?q=/{s///;p;}' infile > outfile

Because when the pattern fed to the s/ command is left blank, the last used pattern is used again.

EDIT: Thanks to RobertL for pointing out a simplification in the comments:

sed -n 's/.*search?q=//p' infile > outfile

This uses the p flag to the s command, which only prints out the line if a substitution was made.

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    How about sed -n 's/.*search?q=//p' ? – RobertL Dec 9 '15 at 0:55
  • Yes, that works too. I usually forget about the flags for the s command. Thanks. – Wildcard Dec 9 '15 at 1:22

If your version of grep supports PCRE, you could use something like

grep -oP 'search\?q=\K.*' infile > outfile

with perl based regex search using lookbehind we can get your required result.

grep -oP '(?<=search\?q\=)[^ ]*' *filename*

remember to add \ before ? and = as those are part of lookbehind regex.

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