How can I create a file that contains everything after and including a particular search term from another file in the terminal?


Original file content: foo, bar, baz, qux

Search term: baz

New file content: baz, qux


Using GNU grep, and the same example as in your question, the following would do:

$ echo 'foo, bar, baz, qux' | grep -o '\bbaz\b.*'
baz, qux

Option -o asks grep to print only the part of the line that matches, and \b ensures that baz is matched at word boundaries.

  • This goes part of the way to solving this, but wasn't usable for entries with multiple lines, and I also need to take one file as the input and another as the output.
    – Waddaah
    Dec 10 '15 at 11:32

In the end I used pcregrep for this. The best usage I found for returning everything after the search term in a multiline file is the below, substituting for searchTerm, originalFile and newFile:

pcregrep -M 'searchTerm((.|\n)*)' originalFile > newfile

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