I am trying to build a iptables configure with whiptail. And I am stuck at the moment. I have got code below and I am trying to develop radio list where user choose between INPUT or OUPUT.

io=$(whiptail --title "Add rule" --radiolist "Choose" 20 40 15 \
"INPUT" "" ON \
3>&1 1>&2 2>&3)

echo "$io"


After this script is shown in whiptail screen I choose for ex. second option (OUTPUT) but I got result "INPUT". Also I am not able to shift an asterisk. I don't know If asterisk should be shifting or don't.

Choosen OUTPUT but in command line is INPUT

I appreaciate your help and have a nice day guys!



You can toggle the state of a radiolist item using the spacebar. The state is shown with the asterisk (*). Simply moving the cursor up/down with cursor-keys has no effect on the selection.

Interestingly, the manual pages for whiptail and dialog do not mention the detail of the space-bar for radio-lists.

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