I am having a little trouble with a regular expression ... I am trying to parse an HTML file looking for certain text between two <br> tags ... between these <br>(text goes here)<br> tags there are always 3 different types of text that will be there ...

Type 1)<br>S987 *BREKER BRD AUDIO-10 WX/R RADAR BOX,MAN,AC 24.95 GOOD<br>

Type 1 will ALWAYS start with an ALPHABETICAL character followed by EXACTLY 3 digits and then followed by all sorts of different characters as you can see ..

Type 2)<br>==== ========== =============== ======= ====================<br>

Type 2 are ALWAYS a bunch of "=" signs and spaces ...

Type 3)<br>Is normal text and may sometimes contain "=" signs<br>

Now, my problem is this ... only the first instance of Type 1 are returned even though there are hundreds of those lines ... also ... I do not want Type 2's or Type 3's matched ... only Type 1's that are in between the <br> tags ...

Currently I am using the following:


This is for php ...

Thank You


  • Are you using grep? Can you provide a snippet of your sample file? – Ron Dec 6 '15 at 16:18
  • 1
    Your requirements conflict. Type one alphabetic matches "is normal text" in type 3 – Jeff Schaller Dec 6 '15 at 16:41
  • What do you want from the line <br>s001<br>s002<br> ? When you want to use grep or sed, you should convert your file first into lines with two <br>'s. When everything is given as one long line, you get one match. – Walter A Dec 6 '15 at 16:49
  • 1
    Why are people voting to close this?  Has the problem “gone away”?  Has somebody identified a trivial typo in the OP’s usage?  … …  @JeffSchaller: What are you talking about?  While “normal text” is terribly vague and open-ended, the closest I can come to making ^letter-digit-digit-digit look like “normal text” is “A100-year-old-man walked into a bar …”, and that’s obviously contrived (it works only because I left out the space that belongs between the “A” and the “100”).  OK, or “T101 is an early version of the Terminator series.” – Scott Dec 6 '15 at 23:24
  • @Danny: (1) How are you doing this search?  grep? vi? sed?  With what options?  (2) Does the line that was matched by any chance have a question mark immediately before the second <br>? – Scott Dec 6 '15 at 23:25
<your_enormous_example \
sed -netP -e's/<br>[[:alpha:]][0-9]\{3\}[^<]*<br>/\n&\n/;D;:P' -eP\;D

<br>D163 *ALERT WRK EAR-10          EMERGENCY WEATHER RADIO        BOX,MAN,AC PS          24.95 GOOD<br>
<br>D147 *AMERITRON AWM35           FLAT SWR/WATT METER            BOX,MAN               124.95 GOOD       S/N 013029<br>
<br>D113 *AOR       AR-DV1B         RCVR .10-1300MHZ BLOCKED       BOX,MAN,ANT,PS        959.95 GOOD       S/N 09560012<br>
<br>D152 *ASTRON    SL11A           PS 13V - 9 AMP                 BOX,MAN                69.95 GOOD<br>
<br>D118 *BEARCAT   BCD-396XT       DIGITAL TRUNKING HH SCANNER    BOX,MAN,ACCYS         299.95 GOOD       S/N 359Z48002616<br>
<br>D126 *COMET     RS720           REAR LIP MOUNT NO COAX         MAN,BOX                19.95 GOOD<br>
<br>D300 *CRANE     WITNESS PLUS    AM/FM RADIO WITH MP3           BOX,MAN               132.95 GOOD       S/N 20701418<br>
<br>D110 *DEGEN     DE  15          RCVR MW/SW/FM                  BOX,MAN,BATTS,CASE     31.95 GOOD       S/N FB026781<br>
<br>D142 *DEGEN     DE1126          DIGITAL AM/FM/SW/MP3           BOX,MAN                58.95 GOOD       S/N GC036267<br>
<br>D307 *ETON      FR 600 BLK      AM/FM/WX/SW                    BOX,MAN                55.95 GOOD       SMALL CRACK DISPLAY<br>
<br>D162 *ETON      SATELLIT        AM/FM/SW                       BOX,MAN               159.95 GOOD       S/N 4B00088112S<br>
<br>D166 *ETON      SCORP ORG       EMERGENCY AM/FM/WX ORANGE      BOX,MAN                37.95 GOOD       S/N 100NOR001987<br>
<br>D159 *HEIL      CC1-KM          MIC CABLE KENW  MODL RED       NONE                   28.95 GOOD<br>
<br>D104 *ICOM      MBF1            SUCTION MOUNT                  BOX                    54.95 GOOD<br>
<br>D140 *ICOM      PS126           PS                             BOX,MAN               379.95 GOOD<br>
<br>D146 *ICOM      R  75           RCVR COMM GC DIG 0.3-60MHZ     COUPON ELIGIBLE-BOX   619.95 GOOD       S/N 2203411<br>
<br>D155 *ICOM      SM 50           DESK MIC 7600                  NONE                  239.95 GOOD       S/N 02070171<br>
<br>D149 *SANGEAN   DT-200X         AM/FM POCKET RADIO             BOX,MAN,EARBUDS        37.95 GOOD       S/N 29011218<br>
<br>D145 *SANGEAN   PT- 50          PORT DIG RCVR                  BOX,MAN                49.95 GOOD       S/N 3C018394<br>
<br>D184 *SANGEAN   RCR 8WF         FM/WI-FI CLOCK RADIO           BOX,MAN               139.95 GOOD       S/N 0903000789<br>
<br>D109 *SANGEAN   WR 2WH WHT      AM/FM DIGITAL TABLE WHITE      BOX,MAN,ACCS          104.95 GOOD       S/N 0604000196<br>
<br>D170 *SONY      ICF-SW7600GR    RCVR PORT DIG LW/MW/FM/SW      BOX,MAN,ANT 60        139.95 GOOD       S/N 306100<br>
<br>D143 *VECTRONIC PM30UV B        SWR 30/300W 100-500 BNC        BOX,MAN                62.95 GOOD<br>
<br>D153 *YAESU     FT 277R         HT 440    5W                   BOX,MAN,ANT,CHRGR     109.95 GOOD       S/N 2L500093<br>
<br>D114 *YAESU     FT 277R         HT 440    5W                   BOX,MAN               109.95 GOOD       S/N 21500091<br>
<br>W631 BELL&HOWEL 9 BAND RADIO    FM/MW/SW PORTABLE RADIO        MAN,BOX,EAR BUDS       10.95 GOOD       S/N A9029589<br>
<br>W301 EVEREX     GP41D           PORT. COLOR CAMERA(HITACHI)    BOX,AP4U AC ADAPTOR    49.95 GOOD       S/N 3036899<br>
<br>W920 MFJ         1278           MULTIMODE DATA CONTROLLER      FINAL SALE             51.95 AS IS      NOT TESTED/AS IS<br>
<br>Y004 PACCOMM    TNC 220         DUAL MODEM PACKET CONTROLLER   MANUAL                 44.95 GOOD<br>
<br>U424 TORRESTRON HC-1            CHARGE ADPT. ICOM              MAN.                    3.95 GOOD<br>
<br>B103 _USED BOOK BY AMECO        AMATEUR RADIO THEORY COURSE                           10.95 GOOD       1976 EDITION<br>
<br>B105 _USED BOOK BY ARRL         HANDBOOK 2014                                         29.95 GOOD<br>
<br>B072 _USED BOOK BY DARC         RADIO AMATEURS WORLD ATLAS     1993 EDITION           19.95 GOOD<br>
<br>B113 _USED BOOK BY IBS          PASSPORT 1996                                          9.95 GOOD<br>
<br>B071 _USED BOOK BY IBS          PASSPORT 2003                  NONE                    9.95 GOOD<br>
<br>B169 _USED BOOK BY IOTA         "IOTA DIRECTORY"                                       4.00 GOOD<br>
<br>B171 _USED BOOK BY IOTA         "IOTA DIRECTORY"                                       4.00 GOOD<br>
<br>B084 _USED BOOK BY MCCULLY      POCKET REF VX-7R                                      10.00 GOOD<br>
<br>B078 _USED BOOK BY NATIONAL NC  "INSTR MAN NATIONAL NC-173"                           19.95 GOOD<br>
<br>B014 _USED BOOK BY WRTH         "1995 WRTH"                                            9.95 GOOD<br>
<br>B067 _USED BOOK BY WRTH         "WRTH 1991 EDITION"                                    9.95 GOOD<br>
<br>B065 _USED BOOK BY WRTH         "WRTH 1995 EDITION"                                    9.95 GOOD<br>
<br>B254 _USED BOOK BY WRTH         WRTH 1996                                              6.95 GOOD<br>
<br>B108 _USED BOOK BY WRTH         WRTH- 4 BOOKS 1995,96,97,98                           34.95 GOOD<br>
  • mikeserv: Thank you for that ... I will vote for it if I can make it work in php which by my futile attempts I cannot seem to get it right ... here is my attempt to convert it to php: ([[:alpha:]][0-9]{3}[^<]*) ... which obviously is wrong as it still only returns the first match only and not all the matches like yours does ... ;( ... – Danny Dec 7 '15 at 15:30
  • @Danny - just use a pipeline. – mikeserv Dec 7 '15 at 15:33

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