I can boot from USB drive to Kali Linux, but when I reboot the system, all previous updates and files saved just vanish.

I have done almost everything the Kali Linux official documents tell me to do, except that after I dd the ISO to my USB drive, I used the parted command to create a new partition named 'work' and created the persistence.conf file in my Ubuntu system, instead of rebooting into Kali Linux live from the USB drive to create the partition and so on.

While I searched the Internet for things like "Kali Linux live boot from USB", I encountered many tutorials for installing Kali Linux live usb. These tutorials provide quite similar instructions as the official documents.

I also noticed this question (Kali Linux live usb persistance) on Unix&Linux. I don't quite understand this --"that partition will be 'merged' with / as specified in persistence.conf".

Please help me sort things out.

EDIT 1: I made a post(at #2) at Kali Linux Forums yesterday to describe my problem in more detail.

  • easy enough, the files in that partition will be the modifications that you have done to your kali live environment. Dec 5, 2015 at 19:44


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