I'm using make to grab a set of files that are updated daily on a Web site. What I'd like to do is place the files into a folder named with the date, and then use make to do other processing on the file. I tried this:

FILES = file1.csv file2.csv file3.csv
BASE_DIR = some/dir
DATE = $(shell date +"%Y%m%d")
SOURCE_FILES = $(patsubst %,$(BASE_DIR)/$(DATE)/%,$(FILES))
ACTIVE_FILES = $(patsubst %,$(BASE_DIR)/%,$(FILES))


$(BASE_DIR)/%.csv: $(BASE_DIR)/$(DATE)/%.csv
    rm -f $@
    ln $(BASE_DIR)/$(DATE)/%

    mkdir $@

    cd $(BASE_DIR)/$(DATE); wget http://example.com/data/%.csv

The problem is the last line. I don't know how to pass the filename to wget, since "%.csv" isn't valid in this context. How do I accomplish what I'm after?


I believe you want to use automatic variable $*. From GNU make's documentation:


The stem with which an implicit rule matches. If the target is dir/a.foo.b and the target pattern is a.%.b then the stem is dir/foo. The stem is useful for constructing names of related files. In a static pattern rule, the stem is part of the file name that matched the % in the target pattern.

In your specific case, the wget rule could be rewritten as:

    cd $(BASE_DIR)/$(DATE); wget http://example.com/data/$*.csv

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