Scenario. Imagine, that I want to search replace something.


Now, imagine that I made a mistype and executed the command


Every vim user knows than @: executes the last command, what if I want to modify last command and then - execute?

As an extended question, is it possible to navigate through the history like does q: and then select the command and modify it before executing?

Thank you.


I would recall the previous command-line via <Up> in command-line mode, and then do inline editing, switching to the command-line window (with full Vim commands) via <C-F> if necessary. Or just do q:k, which is equivalent.

Note that you cannot directly modify @:, because it is a read-only register.

  • Thank you Ingo. You probably does mean q:k command. Also I don't understand <C-F>, if it's pressing Control+F in command mode , then it's not working – CEO at Apartico Dec 4 '15 at 20:53

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