I used the top answer here How do I reduce the size of locale-archive? because I wanted to free up a little space.

Now my web server is down and I can't get build-locale-archive working.

First error I get it is build-locale-archive: cannot read archive header

When I copy the locale file from my other server I get this...

build-locale-archive: incomplete set of locale files in "/usr/lib/locale/tmp

And then build-local-archive brings my file to zero file size:

root root 0 Dec 1 22:03 locale-archive.tmpl

That /tmp directory is from some instructions I found in Google to recover from this error by downloading glibc-common-2.12-1.166.el6_7.3.x86_64.rpm, but apparently I'm missing something.

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This gave me the idea to just reinstall glibc-common http://hpc.mtech.edu/scyld-doc/administration-guide/x3137.html

yum reinstall glibc-common

That didn't work, but then I was confident I had the right "goodies" and it was just my tinkering that was the issue.

build-locale-archive still choked on the temporary directory that I had, so I just did rm -rf /usr/lib/locale/tmp and then build-locale-archive worked.

Then I restarted nginx and mysql, but I was still offline. I had to reboot the system. Then it worked.

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