I installed Manjaro on VirtualBox to try it out as a replacement to my current distro.

So I installed Eclipse and started it up from the command line (i.e. ./eclipse) and I can see the following: enter image description here

Why are Eclipse buttons are having a black background !

I also had another issue but its resolved now and I'm not sure why. When I open the Preferences menu, no matter what section I choose whether its Java, General, Web..etc, only the General main dialog is shown.

So I chown -R root:root the whole eclipse folder (as this solved a similar issue before on Ubuntu), opened eclipse, the same Preferences dialog behavior persists, but then I switched windows to do something else (after clicking on a preference section other than General, came back to eclipse after a short while, and found that the Preferences dialog issue is solved ! Has anyone seen anything like that ? Is it ok to chown the whole eclipse folder to root ? Why would this be a solution ?


I figured out how to resolve the black buttons thing. I went to Appearance dialog available in the Settings application in Manjaro, and selected a different style other than Menda which was set then. Just click on a style and whole appearance of Eclipse will reflect the changes, then just click Close on the Styles dialogue when you are done.

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