Is there any way to assign ''linux core numbers'' to specific real cores?

I'm working with an asymmetric architecture, so not all cores are the same, and I want to assign specific cores number to each core.

Suppose my processor has 6 cores, two of them of type ARM-A57 and the other fours of type ARM-A53, and I want to map the cpu0, cpu1 (linux virtual cores) with the ARM-57 cores, and cpu2-cpu5 to the ARM-53 cores.

At this moment, kernel 4.2.0 assigns cpu0, cpu3-cpu5 to ARM-53 cores, and cpu1-cpu2 to ARM-57 cores (no sense).

  • I think cpu0 is the CPU that Linux boots from. If so it may still be possible to get the A53's to be cpu0 through cpu3 and the A57's to be cpu4 and cpu5. – Gilles Dec 1 '15 at 23:26

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