I was trying to create and bootstrap an instance on openstack with chef using this command:

sudo knife openstack server create -N jenkins_openstack -f 0eb9c50a-07b9-4fc1-aa33-f6bd66c6bc7b --network-ids 7d5c5d7e-e447-4b22-a5f8-5dbfb53c2128 --openstack-ssh-key-id mmm --openstack-floating-ip -r 'role[jenkins]' --environment production -i /root/.ssh/mmm.pem --ssh-user centos --bootstrap-install-command ' sudo sh -c 'echo chef.server.com >> /etc/hosts''

but this doesn't work and gives this error:

-bash: /etc/hosts: Permission denied

Any ideas?

  • i had to use this command : --bootstrap-install-command ' sudo sh -c 'echo chef.server.com >> /etc/hosts'' cause my instance doesn't see chef – guest Nov 30 '15 at 17:08

Single quotes do not nest:

--bootstrap-install-command ' sudo sh -c  'echo chef.server.com   >> /etc/hosts''

The argument to --bootstrap-install-command will be sudo sh -c 'echo, then stray tokens chef.server.com >>/etc/hosts will remain, resulting in a non-sudo attempt to append to file /etc/hosts. This explains the error message you received.

Try this instead:

--bootstrap-install-command 'sudo sh -c "echo chef.server.com >>/etc/hosts"'
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