I know I can type the opening quote using [Compose] + [<] + ["], but that's quite cumbersome. I'd like to rebind relatively often typed sequences so that they are easier to reach.

In my .XCompose I added lines

<Multi_key> <grave> <grave>             : "“"
<Multi_key> <grave> <dead_grave>        : "“"
<Multi_key> <grave> <grave> <dead_grave>: "“"

but neither seems to help, as two times "grave" key after [Compose] is still not bound. Best I managed is to bind it to [grave] [1] instead:

<Multi_key> <grave> <1>                 : "“"

That's easy enough to type, but still is it possible to bind [Compose] + [grave] + [grave] to type “ (opening double quote)?

On a related note, is it possible to force ~/.XCompose reload without full restart of X server?

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