I used the sudo shutdown -r to restart my Mac server via SSH. However, after restarting the server, I discovered that two volumes are offline due to encryption.

Info of diskutil list

What I am trying to do is input the password via ssh to unlock the encrypted disks in order to resume the functionality of the server. Could anyone help me figure out how to execute this command via ssh?


Once you have sshed into the system, use diskutil. If you are using a passphrase, you can append -stdinpasspharse for the tool to prompt the passphrase. Otherwise, you can include the passkey using just -passphrase.

diskutil corestorage unlockVolume $volumeIdentifier -passphrase /path/to/passkey


diskutil corestorage unlockVolume $volumeIdentifier -stdinpassphrase

Here, $volumeIdentifier is the ID such as the one starting with 7EB3514D-. If you want to decrypt the drive (that is, making it no longer encrypted), you can use decryptVolume instead. The format is the same, as follows.

diskutil corestorage decryptVolume $volumeIdentifier -stdinpassphrase


diskutil corestorage decryptVolume $volumeIdentifier -passphrase /path/to/passkey

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