I cannot locate the command on VBoxManage or VBoxHeadless that will start a group of VM's in headless mode. Is there such an option?

I want to start from the command line a group of vm's without having to start individually every VM.

I stumbled upon this but the flag --groups is not working in my case.

VBoxManage startvm  --type headless --groups "My Group"

Syntax error: unknown option: --groups

The only way to start the group in headless mode is from the VirtualBox UI

  • Where do you look? Your question is not very informative. I bet you can tell us a lot more about the setup: what is the host OS? What have you tried? – SPRBRN Nov 28 '15 at 17:35
  • @SPRBRN I edited the question, I thought that this info was irrelevant. – Mini Fridge Nov 28 '15 at 18:20

See Creating and using VM Groups in VirtualBox

With VirtualBox 4.2 we introduced the Groups feature which allows you to organize and manage your guest virtual machines collectively, rather than individually.

Groups are quite a powerful concept and there are a few nice features you may not have discovered yet, so here's a bit more information about groups, and how they can be used....

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