I use MPD to stream music, but noticed that I often could not get any sound. I finally figured out that if I quit the Chrome web browser, then playback would continue.

This is the relevant section of my mpd.conf file,

audio_output {
    type        "alsa"
    name        "ma Device"
    mixer_type      "software"    # optional
    dsd_usb         "yes"

It is also the case that if MPD is playing music, then Chrome can't play any type of video file - I click play on a youtube video and it will hang until I pause MPD. Then when Chrome is playing the video, the output of a fuser -fv /dev/snd/* command is

                     USER        PID ACCESS COMMAND
/dev/snd/controlC0:  jason      2085 F.... pulseaudio
/dev/snd/pcmC0D0p:   jason      2085 F...m pulseaudio

The pcmC0D0p appears to be Chrome, and controlC0 is MPD. Sometimes playback on MPD will continue when I stop the video, but sometimes the pcmC0D0p will stay active until I quit Chrome.

Bottom line, MPD will not play while pcmC0D0p is active.


To be able to use PulseAudio's mechanism of sharing the sound device, all applications must use PulseAudio.

You have to configure MPD to use PulseAudio.

  • Following the instructions in that page, and then restarting, I now have MPD working no matter what. And now the youtube video will start and play just fine, but the sound will not work on the youtube. Even if I stop the MPD service, still no sound from youtube – Jason B. Nov 26 '15 at 13:34
  • It could have something to do with this, there is no output device listed for sound any more – Jason B. Nov 26 '15 at 13:38

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