I have some difficulty to import our *.example.com certificate. I have the following files:

"<something>.csr" and 

So what I need is to import this certificate in our stash atlassian service that is running on Tomcat. Any idea how to do this as I try any stuff with keytools etc.? We already have one certificate implemented but it reaches end of life.

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First, you need to find where your Tomcat's keystore file is. This is usually configured via a <Connector> element in the Tomcat config, e.g.:

<Connector ...

Since you mentioned you already have an existing certificate that's about to expire, it suggests that you already do have a keystore configured like this.

So then, we need to import the certificate/key you have, into that keystore file. To do this, you first create a PKCS#12 file from your something.crt and something.key files, and then import that PKCS#12 file into your keystore file (e.g. /path/to/keystore.jks) using the keytool command; see https://stackoverflow.com/a/11954816/4072843 for examples of how to do this. (Note that your something.csr file is not needed for this; the .csr extension suggests that that file is the Certificate Signing Request file, which is how you requested that certificate from your CA; a CSR file is not, in itself, a full certificate.)

  • Hi Castaglia, thanks this was helpful and sorry for the delay. seems like it works but i guess now the problem lies on the my server. I can't configure ssl ( bitbucket ). I'm still trying to figure out where the problem is.
    – IvanAK
    Feb 22, 2016 at 18:54

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