I'm trying to build and install NS-allinone 2.34 on Fedora 23. During the build process I'm getting the following error:

tools/ranvar.cc: In member function ‘virtual double GammaRandomVariable::value()’:
tools/ranvar.cc:219:70: error: cannot call constructor ‘GammaRandomVariable::GammaRandomVariable’ directly
tools/ranvar.cc:219:70: error: for a function-style cast, remove the redundant ‘::GammaRandomVariable’
make: *** [tools/ranvar.o] Error 1
Ns make failed!

What do I need to do to resolve this?


Simple : Your compiler g++-5.* is way too new to compile the old ns-2.34 code. # dnf install compat-gcc-34-c++

Solution 1) $ cd ns-allinone-2.34/ && export CC=gcc34 CXX=g++34 && ./install

Solution 2) $ cd ns-allinone-2.34/ && patch -p0 < ns234_gcc49.patch && ./install Link, the patch : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7S255p3kFXNZDNyV1BPZHhEY0U/view?usp=sharing ( Not sure this one (2) is tested with Fedora 23.)

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