Currently I am using Ubuntu. I wanted to try PC BSD so downloaded 10.2. On trying to install it on a separate primary partition(so that I can dual-boot) I am getting the following error.enter image description here
Do anyone know how to fix it?

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The error was associated with an August 2015 distribution of installers for PC-BSD 10.2.

The usual repository for 10.2 (with August 2015 content), linked from the PC-BSD download page:


A topic in PC-BSD forums – 10.2 installer bug – drew attention to Bug #11097: gpt + bios install not working with PC-BSD 10.1.2+ - PCBSD - Bug Tracking System with fixes on 2015-09-06 and 2015-09-07 and:

… re-roll the 10.2 ISO's to fix it soon, probably in the next couple of weeks. The fix should be in the 11.0-SEPT images though. …

– followed by confirmation that the installer for PC-BSD 11.0-CURRENT worked as expected.

Around six months later in the same topic, https://forums.pcbsd.org/thread-20180-post-113427.html#pid113427 drew attention to PCBSD10.2-RELEASE-09-12-2015-x64-DVD-USB (September 2015, a little later than both fixes), which is found in an edge repository:



It is actually an error associated with PC-BSD installer 10.2. Its actually fixed for version 11. https://forums.pcbsd.org/thread-20180.html

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