While there are spell-checkers but AFAIK they are limited to spell-checking. Are there any grammar-checking utilities in free software and more precisely Debian. Even if not in Debian, then in free software. I am using the spell-checking tag as those folks would probably be also interested in this.


You can try this Python library:


You should not look for a Linux program that does this, but for a Python / Java / PHP / C++ app that does this. Any language that can run under Linux will do. I've googled for "python grammar checker".

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    I am looking for an app. or apps which would use such libraries so I can simply parse the content I write through the app. and it tells what I did wrong in a helpful manner with some nice GUI. – shirish Nov 24 '15 at 15:41

LibreOffice Writer by default checks grammar as you type. To turn this feature on or off, go to Tools -> Spelling and Grammar, click the Options... button, and check or uncheck Check grammar as you type. Note: Spelling and Grammar will only open if your document is not empty (i.e., contains some text). Tested in Debian 9/Stretch.

If you don't have LibreOffice installed, get it with sudo apt-get install libreoffice.

Abiword also has grammar checking. In Debian, install with sudo apt-get install abiword abiword-plugin-grammar. These packages are present in all current Debian GNU/Linux flavors (Stable 8/Jessie, Testing 9/Stretch, and Unstable/Sid).

After starting Abiword, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Spell Checking tab, and place a checkmark by the option Check grammar as you type to activate the grammar checking.

For both of these, possible grammar errors will be marked by a wavy blue or green underline.


Another option is the FOSS LanguageTool backend, which can integrate into editors such as vim, and probably others. It's not the most powerful, but works well enough, and the vim integration is very nice.


There exists this, which is a Java library/application which comes with word processor plugins and a Web API.

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