FreeBSD 11 (current) with ZFS

I can mount zroot with zpool import -fR /mnt zroot

but /mnt/boot is empty (and it's even not a directory)

I need to edit loader.conf, how can I do it?

  • Sounds like your /boot is on a separate partition. We can't tell you which one unless you edit your question and add your partitioning scheme.
    – terdon
    Commented Nov 24, 2015 at 13:40

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3 years too late; but for the record:

There was a bug in the 11 bsd installer which always made /boot a separate zpool named 'bootpool'. This was necessary for encrypted root disks (the kernel and modules had to be left unencrypted); but the bug had the installer doing it regardless of encryption (see: https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=212258)

This is also discussed in the FreeBSD forums: https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/42980/ and https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/59004/


Please show the partitioning scheme. Use "gpart show". You'll probably see a partition of type freebsd-ufs. The third column (small number) shows which slice it is. You have the device name above. For example, if you see "ada0" and "2", connect those two into "ada0p2".

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