I am running Kali 2 Linux. I use the systemctl or service command to start a service such as Apache. On the previous version of Kali the command actually prints an "OK" message when starting a service; but on this version it just drops back to the command-line saying nothing.

Is there a way to change the verbosity or make it behave like the previous version did?

  • Well usually when there is no message that means success. – Svetlin Tonchev Nov 24 '15 at 9:19

journald Is centralized daemon which collects data from all available sources and stores them in a binary format for easy and dynamic manipulation. As a answer of your question i would say that usually when there is no output that means It's "OK", and if you want to be sure use journalctl to check the logs.

  • I know, but I like the feeling of the ok message am used to it, and I need it to pop – RL.AdmiralX Nov 24 '15 at 21:53
  • Whether the service starts or not, there is no output. I'm tempted to add an alias: service $1 start;service $1 status – Lenne Jun 30 '17 at 5:23

The service command (usually on /usr/sbin/) is nowadays typically just a bash shell script which invokes the systemctl command. You should be easily able to modify it to give the output you wish for.

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