Some flac files apparently have a “cuesheet metadata block”. I know how to split flacs files with shnsplit when I have a separate cuesheet at hand (cf. “How do I split a flac with a cue?”), but how do I split a flac when the cuesheet is stored inside a metadata block of the flac file?

Command-line preferred.


By exporting the cue-sheet to a file first. For example, metaflac has an --export-cuesheet-to=FILE option.

From man metaflac:

Export CUESHEET block to a cuesheet file, suitable for use by CD authoring software. Use '-' for stdout. Only one FLAC file may be specified on the command line.

For example:

bn=$(basename "$f" .flac)

[ ! -e "$cue" ] && metaflac --export-cuesheet-to="$cue" "$f"
shnsplit -f "$cue" -t '%n-%t' -o flac "$f"
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  • When I try this method the exported cue lacks title data which results in split files like 01-.flac. Is there a way to extract the cue with the titles embedded (because shnsplit uses the titles from the cue) ? – starfry Jul 4 '17 at 9:25

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