I have a list of words in a text file, one per line.

I would like to make a symbolic link for each of for each word in the text file.

For example, lets say real directory is /stuff/testing/original

Text file is of format


I want to have /stuff/testing/word1, /stuff/testing/word2, /stuff/testing/word3, all being a symlink to /stuff/testing/original

What is the best way to accomplish this?


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This is a BASH command (it won't work in TCSH or KSH) :

for NAME in $( < cat /path/to/listfile ) ; do ln -s /stuff/testing/original "${NAME}" ; done

Similar to the for loop above, you could use a while loop to read the file:

while read NAME ; do ln -s /stuff/testing/original /stuff/testing/$NAME ; done < /stuff/testing/original

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