I tried to check who is connecting to my server and got this line I could not recognized. I used sudo lsof -i -n | egrep '\<ssh\>'.

And these lines looks odd to me: sshd 5921 sshd 3u IPv4 66008 0t0 TCP> 605 (ESTABLISHED) sshd 5922 root 3u IPv4 66056 0t0 TCP> 008 (ESTABLISHED) sshd 5923 sshd 3u IPv4 66056 0t0 TCP> 008 (ESTABLISHED) sshd 5924 root 3u IPv4 66082 0t0 TCP> 407 (ESTABLISHED)

The address is from HongKong and I am not aware of why that could happen.

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    might be interesting to check ps on those PIDs and their parent PIDs to check which processes started these connections. – Bram Nov 22 '15 at 10:08

Established TCP connection is probably authentication attempt, which doesn't mean that the authentication was successful. It is probably just a noise, but of course, you should check the PIDs as proposed in the comment, if the sshd process is in [preauth] mode or [postauth] -- should be visible in normal ps.

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